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Author TheBlackLion
Tags action author:theblacklion beatable fun medium playable rated
Created 2009-12-08
Last Modified 2009-12-08
by 11 people.
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Description Hi, it's my first map so pleaze be indulgent ;)
I just love N game and i decided to make a map in a N with contains each type of enemy and block !
The result is good i think.
My best time is 92.XXX and but i don't get all the gold.
I hope somebody can make a better time :)
(i think all gold is possible but very hard)
Enjoyed my map and pleaze rate it !


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Sub-750 Speed

734 frames
The ending can be improved, sub-700 should be possible
Great map im amazed this was your first :)
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well done!
Demo Data

Thanks all for the comment and rating, i've learn a lot of thing ;)

Your avatar is awesome. ;)



Zthing summed it up, he's a good guy, listen to him....

What he didn't say is that for a map to be really good, it will almost always need a good tileset, so spend up to half your time on the tileset.

for a first it's quite nice, 3 rounded up to a four from me.
Don't put gold right along the path - it's meant to offer an extra challenge.
Most people start with tiles first then add objects, but it's up to you.
Usually, less enemies is better, fewer enemies can offer a challenge without making it frustrating.
1 enemy can do the job of 3.
Don't lock enemies behind doors.
Watch where you put your trapdoors. If they lock the ninja in a corner or a place where you can't get out, it's a bad idea to place it there.
Feel free to ask questions.
Just keep mapping - You'll start to understand what makes a good map.
Always listen to advice from respectable authors.
Don't hide enemies or items.
Don't spam items or enemies or maps.
Only post 2 maps on Hot Maps at a time.
Play other people's maps. . . a lot.
Learn new things, and try new ideas and concepts.
If you devolp a style that works, stick with it if you want to. If not, that's fine too.
Playtest ALL of your maps (Can't stress that enough).

Anyway, Welcome to NUMA

You missed...

The #4 tiles. They would have fit perfectly in the main corners, just to smooth out the tileset. As said, using every object is a bit risky, but I was surprised; you managed to pull it off not too badly. 4/5, boosted a bit because it's your first...Welcome to NUMA.
trust me; I learned that the hard way ;D

You want the map to have a sense of coherence and transition from one part to the next. That said, you didn't totally spam shit, so it's better than most first maps :p

Welcome to NUMA
For a first map its good, looks similar to a metanet map though, the tile set could be more creative its to boxy.

Best time

here's the demo data of my best time if you don't understand how get it ;)
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