If Calculus Played N

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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags agd author:wordblamcreator ded hard speed unrated wbc
Created 2009-12-09
Last Modified 2010-04-24
Rating 1 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description He would make this map.

A ded to the first completion demo: Artic Pony

A ded to the fastest completion.

Current Holder: Artic_Pony

A ded to the fastest AGD.

Current Holder: Dawiki

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there it is
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Crap replay BUT fastest AGD :P does the DED still count?



Demo Data


amlt by a frame :)
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it is

sooo hard to get that corner jump. i did it twice out of probably a 200 tries.


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Fun, but quite tough w/ the twin rockets. 3.5^
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i'll try to get it faster tomorrow
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Demo Data