Shogun ninja(Laser version)

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Author Sahathai
Tags action author:sahathai fun medium nreality playermod unrated
Created 2009-12-09
Last Modified 2009-12-09
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I made another version of Shogun ninja.
You must leave the red line quickly!

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fun but I found it hard to control the ninja and why is he that light colour.
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it's simply too hard... but fun
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This is so much fun. going on my Nreality maps list. ;)
I have a question. Can you put a 8,_color mod and a 8,_alpha mod together in a map so that the ninja is forced to be a certain color and the transparency is changed? If it is possible, cold you combine the following two codes properly for me and post where in the map to put it on one of my maps. Thanks if you can't and thanks for trying if you can't. The codes:





the crud?!