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Author brainstone
Tags 250th action author:brainstone brainstone rated
Created 2009-12-09
Last Modified 2009-12-09
by 21 people.
Map Data

Description Yay. 250th map. I worked long on this and I think it turned out great. I`d like to thank you all, including all the guys which are in my profile, especially schaaaf and everyone who playtested and downloaded my mappack [].

Now it`s time for you to play the map. And after you did, why don`t you pick randomly one out of these maps: (Click on any dot.)

. []. []. []. []. []. []. []. []. []. []. []. []. []. []. [].. []

It was a looong way from

My first map []
Thanks for playing, enjoying, rating and commenting.

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Very nice map.

I'm glad you really put in effort for your 250th, and it showed. 5aved without qualms.
but because it deserved much more than a 4.

dude, i love your fricken style of mapmaking. amazing chainguns. perfectly placed gold and evil mine ending.
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half agd

one awesome map ^^
Demo Data

Uber Careful AGD

It was like my second or third try. I feel good about my skills again.
Demo Data

sexy map

congrats on the 250 ^^


This map reminds me of your avvie...

Thank you all. ;)

And here is an AGD -1 for you.
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woo!!! gratz swear

i seen this map before ah well. I just made it 5 again!!

Woooh. I made it 5. <3
excellent map to celebrate this jubilee.

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First try speedrun

Demo Data
Happy 250th. The cury tiles and the spire in the middle are awesome, and the chainguns are scary awesome. 5
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seventh, i rememberr that frmom Halo. XD


your base r belong to u nao

the links

are now fixed.
ALL FOR THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?



Your links are a bit messed up