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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading collab destructive rated simple ultimatereading
Created 2009-12-09
Last Modified 2009-12-18
by 14 people.
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Description collab between me and furry i think it turned out good furry has one of the best object placement on NUMA so i was pleased to collab with him. cheers ;)

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How did you get the drone to move in a circle?
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this is hawt

make more :)


Now this is one of your best. Oh, and furry's
we've gotta fix it real soon
we've gotta fix it real soon

great tiles...

I'd love to, but my computer's soon as it's working again, we'll start our next great collab.
just gotta stay away from this site while I have family here. I'll be back as soon as they leave. Glad to see you care :)

Oh, and this is a really cool map. Great collab.

100th []

so badly

5aved awesome map thoroughly enjoyed it.


sure not now though sorry but will definately collab with ya seventh.

wanna collab?

if so, you make the tiles, I'm not very creative with tiles today :/

if not, smack.

Whoa, faved

very nicely made
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nice map

i liked the object placement and tiles ^^


This was pretty good :D
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"furry has one of the best object placement on NUMA"

nowhere near but thanks ;D