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Author squibbles
Tags 100th author:squibbles easy milestone rated
Created 2009-12-10
Last Modified 2009-12-10
by 24 people.
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Description So, this is my 100th map, and I wanted to do something a bit special with it. You may have noticed that just for this occasion, I've cut into two series, and been generally inconsistant. They'll be finished, I promise.

And now, 100 maps in, I'd like to give a shout out to the people who stick by me here. It's been cool guys, and I really enjoy talking with you. :)

I also discovered that I seem to make easy maps best, and thus, here is a map which is short, easy to complete, but hard to all gold. I also owe thanks to my brother TV [] for giving me the idea with the oneways. He pulled it first, and it can only be described as genius.

So without further ado, I hope you guys enjoy my first real milestone. I've been here a while, but I'm only now becoming what I would describe as a mapper of above average quality.

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congrats on 100, even though I really don't like this map. Can't believe mohamedraif & kobratikk were the fastest on nreality...
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I'll reach mine someday, lol. That or I'll forever be 15 away.

As for the map, it was decent. Nothing special, IMO, but fine as a little map. 3/5
Fastest AGD here: (4th on NReality)
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I was soooo disappointed when I opened up NED and the one-ways didn't shade.


Not your fault, though.



lets collab on somethin different



Oh, I should add...

...I forgot to mention this, but the tileset is based off a cluster of mushrooms in my backyard.

Thanks! :D

I have no idea, I saw that too. :S

Congrats squibble

maybe ill try to grab that mark way one day lol. ps that rocket played me like a sucker the first try agd:p

I figured 100th

would get more attention. It's quick, and to the point.

I may however use that for the next map.
First getting the new map with Random Maps, and now this.

What an odd two days. :S
why not something like INSTANT CAR CRASHING EXPLODEY FARTS or something?


This was my 1000th favourite.
I did steal the oneways from Arctic Pony.

Don't credit me with that.


It's actually just over 2 years. I joined NUMA back in December '07, about a month before finding the forums.

I unfortunately deleted a few of my early maps however, due to crappyness, so this isn't reflected in the stuff in the information.

Turns out I map kinda slowly. Or at least, submit slowly.

and to everyone: Thanks for all the support guys, you know I do appreciate it. :)

You guys rock.


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I was thinking the same thing. This is among the better of them, if only because it is the most unique.


So many 100ths lately. congrats.
congrats. Agd
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could be better. but still, awesome map, regardless if tiles are bad.

AGD Death

THIS is a nice 100th. Smooth, simple, elegant, tasteful, and well thought out, not to mention the replay value. Excellent work here. I have seen the one-way thing done before by Arctic, but it was used here nicely. 5
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cba to go faster.

Killed too many little ninjas trying to get 100.000 and still failed.

vv (88.925) vv
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just noticed

it took you a year to get 100 maps

Something about this exudes classiness, despite the relatively simple tiles. Or maybe because of the relatively simple tiles.

And those one-ways dangerously approach art.


That is fucking amazing.

Still <3 ya squibbs.


pretty slow speed
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oh em gee

ur 100th. gratz. speeded
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*looks at previous maps*

Ok, perhaps.

Squibbles is purely aesthetic. Seriously.


But neither do the thwumps.

Purely aesthetic.
doesn't really serve a purpose.

i used oneways kinda like this in this map

very nice :3

congrats on 100th.

I just wanted to post my 100th, but I guess this is your evening :D

The map itself is also really stylish. Thanks!
You`ll get a cake. For sure.

(The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie)

Congratulations man <3



I only have 49 more maps to go ;D