Asphyxiating Slowly

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Tags 100 action asphyxiating author:zthing featured rated zmap zreality
Created 2009-12-11
Last Modified 2010-03-01
by 41 people.
Map Data

Description So this is it, map #100. It's also a temporary goodbye map. Just taking a break from N for a while. I'll be back when I'm back. I will officially be gone tommorow.

This map started as a collab with Minion of Pi (now known as script) who made these beautiful tiles, but it ended quickly. I spent a really long time on it, editing the tiles and refining the gameplay. Playtested by Jawbit. Optional N-Reality if you're into all that image stuff. Been a long time since I started mapping.

My 1st Map []

My 50th Map []

Ded to all the following people and everyone else that continues to support me:


and many more, you guys know who you are.


This map was featured on 2010-02-28

ZTHING. This kid hasn't been around to long, but some of his maps are pretty damn impressive. I remember on some of his first few maps (which were shit, of course), I treated him rather harshly. All I wanted was for ZTHING to get out of the "NOOB" cycle that most users fall into. Now look at him. Asphyxiating Slowly is the pinnacle of ZTHING's archive. The stimulating game-play and attractive aesthetics are really quite special. No need to thank me, guys, I'm sure ZTHING would have found his way even without my aid ;D


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Great map.

Review was written by an ass.


at not getting a featured haha. I playing another game atm and I got no Ideas

decent map

too bad it was featured by such a condescending ass
wait, why did I say sounds like?

Uh, yeah

I agree with atob, that was a really dreadful review, and not just because you seemed to be praising yourself instead of zthing.
I found the gameplay to be quite engaging, if a little overwhelming. I don't like the look of the end sections, but I'll admit that I haven't actually made it that far, so I won't pass judgement on them.
with some very basic errors and no wit. Completely in keeping with Radium's MO.

The map is generic, but it's made well enough.

Thanks for all the "congrats" everyone. And thanks for the feature Radium.


Well. If ratings were enabled, anyway.


I don't know why people are concerned that a featured author should be a veteran. ZTHING deserves this feature for making a great map. His NUMA age shouldn't have any bearing on whether he gets the feature.

Great map. 5aved.


You're either extremely rude or extremely awesome. Or quite possibly both.

Faved for later.

"around to long"



generic gameplay added to some generic rock tiles with a generic image tacked on.
hardly feature worthy.

i don't think you should insult his maps when you are featuring one of his maps. it just seems unfriendly. The map is fun though.


congrats zthing. you really deserve it. <3

Nice feature.

I thought I played this before, but I guess not. I'll play and rate and demo soon.


to your featured map, mate.

Congratulations Z!!

This is a fantastic acheivement... not even 120 listed maps and already a feature and a custom title! Thats brilliant!

well well well

lookie here! We knew it would happen eventually. Enjoy your fame, Z.


zthing .... you deserve it


i like the gold patterns and the drones. I dislike the thwump. and I think the tiles would have been better used with less linearity. but still fun.

Congrats zthing <3

looks straight

plays meh


A map by ZTHING featured. I'm surprised this hasn't happened before.
I have learned to make race maps!




finally got your deserved feature this was the map I was going to try and write a review for but rf wrote a very good one. congratz!!!!
not going to check exactly what i wrote; i was new, too. Anyway, I knew this would happen eventually. Congratulations ZTHING.


congratulations, mate.

*too long


Wooo party

congrats on 100.
I'd rather you have it listed so I don't have to go on a maphunt later. I'll delist it afterward if you like.


Though I don't know why you'd want to delist it. Just go ahead and leave it listed until after the contest! you'll probably get some good feedback from people. []

Some tile edits and objects.


you still like me?


your back tomorrow i guess your past me now but anyway will be nice to have you back

oh, and you should take a look at this []. Cause you said you would like to be a reviewer.

we need to collab, mate ;)

do you have irc?