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Hi Z

and could you mention in the description that I made the tiles? I was proud of those... <3


Why thank you sir

hopefully soon.

I've been doing a lot lately that has detracted from me being able to choose a fit Reviewer, as well as getting input from some of the other Reviewers.

I'll be putting a News Post on the front page when the Reviewer has been chosen.


do you mean my maps?
just a "bye"?

I want you

to make a map January 1st 2009!
Happy 100th ;)



sounds good

looking forward to it


no prob bro.
I* rb etter

promising review

...100 word limit though buddy




gotcha ;)


man I missed it


nice, you will be back quickly i hope.

Two things

1: ur still here?
2: why does it say you've made 102 maps? Did you relist some?

Two things

1: ur still here?
2: why does it say you've made 102 maps? Did you relist some?


Thanks for rating most of my maps. Excellent image. 5/5


you can be a judge.

these 5 people


what did you use for the dimensions of your image?

okay thanks, im going to be making a map with the same concept of the image.. totally different gameplay though

i thought you wouldnt be here :D
did you just use a gradient?


well, still, you'll be coming back I guess :S. In the mean time, I will learn to make a race map, just you wait!

great map


just played with the image map for the first time
i love how the image compliments the map but doesnt detract from it
did you make it with GIMP?

hmmm.. i might end up making a mappack while you're gone.. if i include the map you helped edit ill spam you like crazy until you realize you need to play it :D
gawd you are so loved here
it is what it is

not bad

But sadly it doesn't.
I found the gameplay very awkward.

come back and check how much I've progressed when you come back. ;)

Much appreciated

Ahh, Z

Youve come a long way, and your maps are great. 5/5
I hope to see you again :)

great map...

'nuff said. 5

Thanks guys.
that this map has a good name.


what an awesome map, nice imaging, not to crazy, just right. nice map, enemies, tiles, gold, everything. 5aved.

congrats on an awesome 100th map, you did a great job with it and improved a lot since you started.

miss you speedrunning every map, have a nice break from Numa!
I like how it felt kinda tranquil... haha maybe its just me. Anyways I like this map lots. Have a happy thanksgiving. Death Demo
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