1500m sprint haha

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading easy gold mines race rated
Created 2009-12-11
Last Modified 2009-12-11
by 18 people.
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Description 2nd race map i think its pretty good for a second still not amazing but better than the first. RCE ded to ZTHING who is leaving :(

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your a beast

if you sprint 1500m.

Aw, thanks

:D I really enjoy playing your maps, they're so inventive :D <3


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i didnt no this was ur second :P

I agree with etdeshon, I've seen that beggining a lot of times recently.


waay to generic. lactoce its just a tile pettern that every1 uses. Do something different with the flow. 2

Oh, and

This bit is messed up IMO
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I dunno

I like it.
at mapping while getting less friendly...I don't know what it is but you've become less enjoyable to be around...

Um, dude

These loops look more than eerily similar to the ones I used for a general opinion / test a few days ago.

In FACT, this isn't the first time this happened; some other guy used "my" loops before, buddy!

This is kind of copying my little as of yet unfinished idea. I know I can't hold patents for these things, but it's not like you made up those loops on your own, you know what I'm saying? What the hell, man. I guess I did take the first time as kind of flattering, but now this is just weird.

ok cheers

everyone i guess im not out for race maps may make once in a while but not often. Thanks for all of the great comments all from great racemakers.


i've seen too many races recently with just loops and loops and loops. it gets ANNOYING fast. you need to branch off and away from loops. 2.5^/5
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but some parts were unsmooth, or that may be my inadequecy at my part. the flow in all races has to be perfect, and even I have stuff to learn about that.


Well thats a spirit breaker...

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I liked the start.

But the map got kinda boring after catching the door switch.
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a bit faster

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demo bloodymoonlike ;)

AGD -2

i hate this one jump -> demo. the circle with the last 2 pieces of gold

but also 4/5 ;)
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Faved ;D

dont think

its that good now i look at it again :( im not cut out for race maps


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better than the first But I think the flow at the end was a little messy anyway 4.5