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Author script
Tags action author:script eris featured unrated
Created 2009-12-11
Last Modified 2013-01-06
Map Data

Description Too bad Pluto's not a planet anymore.

This map was featured on 2010-01-10

The occupants of this small village were in turmoil. The natural defences against wildlife were malfunctioning badly, even attacking the locals.

Eris was not happy. She had expected to be given a basket of fruit or even a lamb as a sacrifice, but the villagers had forgotten. They would feel her wrath.

Fortunately, one lone brave warrior was sent into the temple of Eris herself, to calm the mind of the enraged goddess. It is down to you to make sure he calms her down, and rescues valuable gold.

And comes out alive... of course.

By ChrisE - — Guitar_Hero_Matt

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sub-1000 yee
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fastest agd so far
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oh boy

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no but really, i was a fucking dick to you so sorry. and you have more featured maps than me, so you're officially a better mapper :D

This map is neat...

Kind of stylish although the second gauss doesn't do much for me. Also, the tiles in the starting area aren't too lovely for gameplay.

All in all I think I would have rated this 3 or 4. Style sells, but gameplay wasn't 5-worthy imho.


you like to make a collab map for purplehippo?

funny thing is

I'm not really that into Greek mythology. The reason I named it Eris was because we had the guy who "killed" pluto speak at our school. I remembered that the reason they killed pluto was that they found a bigger object, that was not a planet, which they named "Eris" after the god of Chaos. Thus my description.

ah, eris

well, you must know I've some experience with greekmythology []
nevertheless good feature

congrats, script! good work.


i found the drones to be practically useless, but the difficulty of the map gave it a nice refreshing feel.
cool feature.
I understood, but then I was like, "Am I the warrior, or some thing controlling it?" I don't know :P maybe i stupid :( I like maps


haha. thanks squibbles XD

@ seventh:


okay, actually 97 maps, but no biggie :P

(for those of you who don't know, i was Minion_of_Pi, I'm not trying to hide it or anything)


you guys are just pissed he got a feauture with 7 maps XD

I agree with Onesevinnine


Good work Pi
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And then there's just "Easy." Well, different strokes, I guess. I can still dig this, though the gameplay is a bit too "Meh" for me.

Fastest! :D
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2nd fastest
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This is okay.

I approve

Im not going to use it!
Here ya go, script and ChrisE.


i meant eris, the god of chaos

yeah, it has been ages since I last played such an enjoyable map, really well-done
I also love the style in which you set the tiles, I just couldn't work out what the greek god of love had to do with this all...
too bad you disabled ratings, would have been top-rated

would you please, please, please also rate where you commented - here []?

as your maps are worth being watched I'll keep on keeping an eye on you...
To me, this has blackson written all over it.
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But this is still a very impressive map. 4aved.


and last agd
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it looks amazing

those are some sexy tiles

first agd
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that makes sense now,

thanks for liking my map! it is too bad that you rated it..