Oddball Dreamer

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Author aerodynamic
Tags action author:aerodynamic fun hard playable poem unrated
Created 2009-12-12
Last Modified 2009-12-12
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description They call him the freak, the oddball.
A little harsh but all and all
I must confess it is quite true,
Yet in his dreams he's just like you.

A river of fire, burning bright;
The gold illuminates the night.
The tree so distant, far too tall;
The noncooperative wall.

His feet no longer touch the ground,
He may no longer turn around.
For in his dreams the sands of time,
They all appear to intertwine.

What's yours is mine, please fear me not;
A sudden rather risky thought.
Now death is coming far too near;
I hear him whisper in my ear!

Leave me alone, I want no more!
Where's my escape, where is the door
Back to real life, where all is well.
Or is this real? He cannot tell.

He wants to return to the start,
But he can't, he can't, he cannot.
Yet in his dreams the sands of time,
They all appear to intertwine.

EDIT: Removed a one-way at the start.

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as the ship sinks, we wonder with fear
are there any survivors? can anyone hear
the shouting that come, from my last gasps...
my lungs fill with water, this is my last:
"hee-lllpp.... "

Very much so.

In fact, I should probably change my profile from "alternative style map-maker" to "avant-garde style." That sounds much cooler anyway ;)


You have a very avant-guarde style don't you aero
Demo Data
Yup, sure did. It's right up there. Anyway, here's a completion demo:
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