sshhh they can hear you coming

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading crescor ded gold mines rated
Created 2009-12-12
Last Modified 2009-12-12
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description I think my object placement may be getting slightly better but who knows. ded to crescor because i havent given him a derved ded map yet.

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You can check it out if you like []



is that a good name?


you've gotten alot better at this since then.

sure thing

Could you gimme that link of the forums please?:)
Long time since I've been there

Sure thing

How're we gonna communicate?


idk excatly how it happened but its not my doing, its Googles amazing ability to search at very high rates in a very detailed manner ;D
4/5. In answer to your question, when in object placement mode, press "C" (doesn't matter if caps is on or not). This makes a 1/4 snap placement on positioning. Alternatively, press "Z" for free-hand placement.


to everyone agree with you undeadpie can't wait till my next map will try and take on board all your comments and make a great map ;)
most certainly is getting better. I love the cramped, on-your-toes gameplay you've created here. Here's one thing you can improve upon - try and keep your gold patterns somewhat consistent. Sometimes you put them in straight lines, sometimes you put them in small bunches. But that's just a small thing - this is still deserving of a 4/5.


is this 5/5 after 6 votes?

3/5, it's okay, not spectacular

By the way

I have to say that you're a great example of how a large community-activity gives you good criticism and lots of attention =)
The first mines and gold isn't pretty and nor the bottom-most left one, but everything else goes pretty well together, looks nice and supports the gameplay :p Haven't completed yet =)

thats one tough map

nice job still though, its fun to play ;D


glad you liked it ;)


Your object placement looks good, but the whole is a little too cramped too move fluently around in. But I might be wrong:)


very welcome ;)


Thanks alot;)

map is good

agd is hard. I think you mean crescor?