The mines will wait, so don't be late.

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Author n0_ma11y
Tags area-trigger author:n0_ma11y circular-path custom-path nreality rated trigger
Created 2009-12-13
Last Modified 2009-12-13
by 5 people.
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Description --==Nreality==--

This is a new concept (kinda)
Apply circle path to ninja, make drone a area trigger, set a stop/start and watch the magic.

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Yay that would be my first collab evar!!!


We need an nreality collab.
Its a picture of N diving into water (see first sentence of profile).
I done it by taking the snapshot in Ned while holding CTRL over a launchpad on my latest map :D

plus freinds name is gret ;)

came from guitars plus jaaguar.


Ye gods that was cool.

Demo Data

Demo Data

Demo Data

slightly faster AGD

weird map
where do you come up with these ideas? lol
Demo Data

What the?

how do you do this?
A demo, please?


Very cool, 5
Demo Data


hard dude