really ancient

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Author ultimatereading
Tags ancient author:ultimatereading ded fbf rated ruins xy
Created 2009-12-13
Last Modified 2009-12-13
by 14 people.
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Description this is a remake of frogs map. his is still way better but i think this is pretty decent took me ages. My computer is sooo laggy and slow today so it took a lot longer than i would have hoped. RCE. ded to fireburnsfree and XY because i think i have been a bad friend to them sorry guys will make it up to you I promise.

EDIT:Took out all the crappy mines and bouce block in

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thanks :D



yeah haha my next map after this will be ded to you this maps ded is for flagmyidol

yep sure.

go ahead and post it. ill be the first one to play and rate and comment it! :)



15-25 min.
yeah, i know.


and i cant get on pastebin either, if you use that, because my school blocks it.


can you do tiles? i'm at school, and i have no ideas for tiles right now. i may only be on for about 45 mins, too, because i leave at 2:15PM EST


youll ahve to sub though, because I cant sub any maps fight now. I dont know why.

AGD attemp.

hm... The rockets fire whenever they want...
Demo Data


sorry for that spelling error

I've noticed

there's been a lot of maps with arches recently. A solid map. Knowing my lick, I'll try the same concept and it'll be "Dude, this has been done so many times before"


first trees, now cave-ish catacombs. the style now, no?


cool stuff here, I like the arches on the left

I take that back

you didn't destroy the aesthetics, but you messed up the central idea of them, which is the stairlike progression. Also, the gameplay withing the arches is really quite fun, (and not too hard) although there are a couple of enemies who should definitely be removed.
and the gameplay is way too hard for that style.

pretty cool tiles

i dont really like the "trees" outside. fun thwumps tho


its shit hard isnt it not even sure it possible will change again
Is there a trick? Something I didn't see? :/


thanks ;)

5aved ;)


works now great map 5aved.

I changed

it all so it works now
and the gold pieces on the left of the upper door switch, too :P
Demo Data

i vote again ..

a good map.. :D

only one problem..
in the near of the highest door switch is unreachable gold ;)

I think

this map will suite everyone well done 5aved.