You are Deceived

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Author capnshazmo
Tags action arpic author:capnshazmo rated
Created 2009-12-14
Last Modified 2009-12-14
by 6 people.
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Description I hate the guy who put the boss mode button right next to q.

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...I feel I owe you some in return. This map was awesome. For once, a map with missiles I actually enjoy playing. 4/5

very true, im actually working on a mappack, so thats why haha
You hate the guy that made N, by that definition.



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cuz, when your mapping and wanna make like 7q tiles but using the 3 button and shift, i could accidentally hit ctrl instead.

maybe thats smarter, idk

i changed my button to ;


N's crazy, it takes TWO rockets to kill him *ending

rated 5

for the speed-ability...well done.

faster yet...

done trying
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idk, your maps are good

coming from

me who am I?

thanks for playing

and calling my map "decent"

it really means a lot, coming from you

fa, fa, fa, faster

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decent map...

some-what speedish...
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I was making the right house and my whole idea for the map came from it


btw, could you perhaps rate my map? I wasn't going to ask, but I don't really want it to leave the hot maps page just yet...

but the right way is funnerrrr
I leave rooms whichever way I want. ;) pretty cool map. Completion including my aforementioned stubbornness:
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its so

you can hit them at the same time really fast and unobviously


can you rate my last map

which map?


I had to remake this map from already being done with the tiles.

I changed it to ctrl.

And good for you iban!

tab + q ?

That happened once a DDA for me. Luckily, I save my stuff every so often.

me to

loss many a good dda like that
you can change it under "configure" thats what I did.

same here

so i changed it to a button i never come close to hitting ;D

i actually survived the first drone room the first try, i feel so good about my skills ^^