That`s mine of course

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Author brainstone
Tags author:brainstone minedodger rated
Created 2009-12-14
Last Modified 2009-12-14
by 5 people.
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Description This map was definitely inspired by Sendy`s "psychotic mined games". But it was designed just for fun and is a bit shorter. Tileset DED for first AGD.

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Can't get past this

after all that.
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5avorited. I love that style maps.

I arrived 5th door with all doors quickly. I believe this demo is worth to watch (it's also on nreality) :
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very unique.


this is pretty good.


I'm still proud to get that far though ^^


It IS possible. Put the ninja on the sixth door then play this demo! It`s non-fbf.
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I'm pretty sure this part is impossible.

P.S. Passed sixth door =D
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So close to the fifth door.
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but fun.


Very good map but so hard :| !!!

A good map overall

As for AGD, it's a very tough map. 4.5/5