2 and a half jumps -- triple

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Author Meta_Ing
Tags author:meta_ing basedoff188454triplejump simple-challenge simple-challenge-esque tagnumberfive triplejump unrated
Created 2009-12-16
Last Modified 2010-01-05
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Description Any guesses as to what kind of map this is?

To complete this, you'll need to get a triple on one of the '2' tiles. A demo is provided.

Based off the triple I do on this map []

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I can do it too!
(with fbf)
Demo Data


One of your maps that I can actually beat
Demo Data

The launchpads are placed really well, their pattern is perfect. Like how simple this is, good tiles. Here's an fbf'd demo.
Demo Data


I have found something really weird on N. You know a normal corner jump from an e tile from the top right/left? Well I did that but on a bounce block:

That level was 77-4.

Reply on my map if you have a question. Im pretty sure that is unusual and never seen before...
would you please play test something for me?


* @Meta ( Quit (User has been banned from Mountainet (Session limit exceeded))

Oh bugger, Oleary15 just beat me by 2 frames :(

Meta, beat you by a frame on 180936. Try and claim back your victory, or at least equal it. Tell me on one of my maps when you complete the challenge.


you did'nt quit yet? surprised your not bored of N yet.

Oops, sorry, I can't hyperlink.

Hey, my brother made a map for you, don't know why? here > url=]Meta's map.

not quite

You need two jumps on the 2 tile, then a walljump on the 5 tile. a reverse perendicular wouldn't reach the switch. =P

I'm guessing that

it is a hit it just right, reverse jumping, frustration map...

Yup... it is. I think this is very well made.
And I hate it. :)


Demo Data

Demo Data

i remember

you saying a long time ago on irc that u were gunna make a level out of this concept... well done sir