In tribute to the huge courage of drones who never catch N

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Author TheBlackLion
Tags action author:theblacklion fun medium playable rated
Created 2009-12-16
Last Modified 2009-12-16
by 9 people.
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Description My second level with a very long and funny name, it's a tribute to all drones ! :D
I've playtest my level many times for calculate the drones way and it was very hard. The tileset didn't take me many times but it's a new idea i think.
Try to take each golden N (i think it's a new idea ,too ;)).
My Personal Best is +- 103 in AGD a think.
Hope you enjoyed and pleaze rate.
No 0, 1 or 2 unjustifiable xD

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683 frames
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Go for it!

Just don't take my idea and go and make your own web comic...

make more


awesome map!!!!

and tiles!! 5!!!

Thanks all for comment and replay ;)


This is well made for a second the laser in particular is good. The gold is not new its a very common patten good examples being this [] and one of the original metanet levels don't worry though it's still well placed
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very good. heres a quick run
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flawless for a second... maybe the chaingun could have bin placed a little fourther on its route... but anyway very good! 5/5 because it's your second :D

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Congratulations on your second - and very good - map! This is very good. The drone timing is great. The only flaw is that it isn't made for speedrunners, but that's no big deal.'Drone timng is hard, esp. in this tileset. Good Job. 4/5 faved.