Drone Drum

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Author Skate1168
Tags author:skate1168 medium medium-easy rated rooms teleporters variety
Created 2009-12-16
Last Modified 2010-02-01
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description I used this tileset [] to make this level. Don't ask me about the level name, I couldn't think of anything better. This map features teleporters and even reuses some of them, so it's really cool. Enjoy! :D

Teleporter Tutorial []

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as abstract and disjointed as the tiles.

Was awesome, I didn't think anything this would cool come from those (admittedly awesome) tiles. Nice work.
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i´m starting to do this kind of levels and I don´t tiles(not too many) but it´s easier to do ddas with ¨teleport¨pads

I did link to it...

...but I guess I cpuld do that too. :)

But of course

Those arent your tiles.
I sugest you put a link on the owners map >_>


Those tiles are insane.
Like a million fire-pixies exploding in a Hellish inferno if lava-soaked death.
Oh, and the teleporters are good, to :)


I think teleporters are AWESOME! :D


That level was awesome. Great use of teleporters, and brilliant use of tiles. Awesome sauce.

Perfect 5.
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Thank you!

For all the comments and ratings! :D

very fun

and excellent use of excellent tiles


I never blew up in that teleporter
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this map is great. the only part i didn't like very much was the chaingun drones, but thats ok. 4/5 faved. ill add this to my favorite normal n maps list on my profile, too.

hot damn.

holy shat. this looks awesome in the thumbnail. playing it now....