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Author Maxtreme
Tags author:maxtreme bitesized n-art rated
Created 2005-11-19
by 60 people.
Map Data

Description The only reason this map has been resubmitted is because N art is now in the category selection.

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why'd you put the ninja there though? 4.5/5

That's it...

Not underrated. This is fan-bloody-tastic!
'nuff said.


This one N-art of the year!!
Congratulations Max!


U must be a very good drawer.


took me about an hour platynumplatypus

There's NAM which can do stuff like this but the loading order of objects really gives it away. Apparently this hasn't been machine-generated.


how long did this take u?


Did the gardener blow up the flower? when i watched the replay only 2 mines exploded :P
The Gardener has blown up the flower. Watch the pretty fireworks. And the suspenseful ending.
Demo Data
Very good example of N-art. Not only looks good in the thumb, but looks good in the big image, well done 5/5 :)


I seem to be the only person on NUMA who doesn't acctully like this.

great work

fabulous job, great fun too when you run into the mines! 5.0
obviously. I know how it feels try making 'Cartman'
Anyway when you had your original map submitted under 'test level' someone,(i forget who) said something about being able to get a program that could make it for you. I mean come on as if! Great work 5...


How in the world is an N Art map the top map on NUMA oO'


seems this is doing just as well as it originally did. still an amazing map. 4.5/5