N's Villa!

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Author BluePretzel
Tags author:bluepretzel experimental fun objects rated relaxing z-snap
Created 2009-12-17
Last Modified 2010-06-21
by 12 people.
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Description Wether your here to jump in the Pool, eat off of Golden Plates, bounce like crazy on the Trampoline, or just want to admire the Roses, the lifeguard will always take care of you in N's Villa!!

A bunch of precisly-placed z-snap'd objects, this place is fun and interactive! If you do fall across this, please comment and rate, and I might add extras!

Update: Nreality = background
Update: RELISTED cos everyone wanted it to be. It was delisted as a theme of being 'non-public', but you guys wanted it, so here ya go :3

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Agreed with the Skate1168.
And with the others.

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nice 1!!!!!!!!! you almost made me wonder where the heck was the key!!!! :D


nice :)



Its relisted. Read description for details.

this is just brilliant; please relist at least :D


i like it. i, too, enjoyed the pool. love the z-snapping. 5/5


what lifeguard?
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cool map man. it's nice to see a different take on this ninja game. reminds me alot of McFizzle's "Dojo" map. I'd give it a 5 if you hadn't delisted this,
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I like the pool!

Very fun, relaxing map! 5aved! :D

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Fastest AGD

I liked it. Don't think I've seen another map quite like this before. The background on nreality definitely made it better.
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Love the Z-snapping... pure awesome.

( P.S, check my sword again, now fixed =) )

the pool

is cool
it's crazy how many speedrunners tested themselves on this map...

ME like

Ah yeah

saw it but couldn't find it again :p I'll post a link
filled with a non-newtonian fluid... 5/5 please update!
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its fine

i LOVE the flowers

its cool

fun to speedrun, kinda looks cool too


that pool is awesome! you splash when you jump in!

Big splash

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Have fun!