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Author formica
Tags action author:formica playable rated
Created 2005-11-19
by 20 people.
Map Data

Description It's like hardcore punk infused with tender blues, with a method that simply screams out therapy with the kings that soak water, in the vascoe era.

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to much of the same..

Nice map.

Faved, 4.5/5.


I meant to give this a real comment before, but i was busy.
I REALLY like this, it is brilliant. tk is right, this is a more complex version of mapper's block, except it has no guasses.
And it isn't totally linear, what i mean is that you can't really see which edges you going to hit until you play it, although there is only really one set path to follow.
Still, it is going in my userlevels and if i could re-rate it with a 5 instead of a 4, i would.
Kudos to you, formica.

I like this...

It's like a more complex version of LV's Mapper's Block.
I was fishing around for inspiration for a random- sounding description, when they popped into mind.

I have one of their songs from Triple J's "home and hosed" album, but have also heard a handfull of their other songs. Top band, in my opinion.


Neat-o, favorited.


Completion. I had on eclocked at 402, but for some reason it was "invalid" and when I replayed it, it didn't complete the level.
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faster all gold. there is one piece of gold that is ever-so-slightly out of the way.
Demo Data

Speed demo

That is, until I die. 4.5/5 This would win the One Line of Data Contest thingy, in my opinion.
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all gold

im working on it lol
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no offense or anything but this is not only a generic tileset and level but it sucks
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all gold

just a tiny bit faster. :P
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If not, here have a muffin.
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you know vasco? man i know them too, like personally. Awesome band.
I'm assuming you're from victoria, unless you weren't referring to the band...hmmm
Great map too.4/5

and the demo

all-gold obviously :)
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i like the map. what i didnt really like was that it is virtually impossible to not all-gold. i like having separate routes for gold. fun though. well made.