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Author Geckos
Tags action author:geckos fun gecko geckos rated
Created 2009-12-17
Last Modified 2009-12-17
by 12 people.
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Description By Closure In Moscow.

Action map.
RCE as usual...

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thankyou :)
this one is pretty hard imo

I can't get a demo I'm happy with, but holy shit this is fantastic!


thx guys :D

great map ;)

4.5/5 love the gold placement..

can you have a look at this []..?

it's my first collab :D


You know what I love? That mine in the bottom right gold section that gets you /through/ the edge of the tile. I love that.

Other than that, a awesome map 4.5^
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collecting it could've been more fun, though. The rocket was nice, but the drone did next to nothing. Tiles were good, but they look just like all your other tiles :/ I have mixed feelings about this map.


fast agd :)

I don't like that one piece of gold on the wall.
Demo Data

very nice

I thought the gold was well placed and the trapdoors was good with the gold pattern. mines were well placed along with the rocket. 5aved


thx :D


I can't believe I missed that one piece of gold because the beginning of this demo is so awesome :( great map
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best part of the map. the precision required at the beginning was a little aggravating, but that's all. 4/5 faved.

: D

Fucked up badly.

:) AGD.
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thx?? :D

I want to have sex with that gold. Just joking. Oh wait . . . I'm not.