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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading ded gold guass mines rated squiddy-brick
Created 2009-12-18
Last Modified 2009-12-18
by 15 people.
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Description second map of the day and i think it is very good i love playing it its pretty easy and its a good AGD map. ded to squiddy-brick because he is cool.

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just found this



u started yet?

just pm me on the forums. If I dont reply then that means my brothers kicked me off the computer because its "their turn". We well finish b4 christmas though ;D
sure, any collab would be nice, the other collabs ive been in both kinda fell apart, though they had well enough excuses (that word never sounds nice =P). You start it then & pm me ^^
old school []

our collab

Here, your link:

[url=]Mappack furry!![/url]

... Also, playtest your maps more often - then you don't have to edit them so much (like you did on your last maps) and you can improve everything till it's perfect.

but ultimate

on your profile the link is crap

I am a very bad player at n but my maps are pretty decent.

I have a mappack halfway through it!!! here it:(url= furry!!(/url) Special thanks to furry for the collab map and maxson for the link!!

it looks like that - btw, message arrived

thanks maxson xD

now i know how to let a link say anything Look here, it works []



looks very nice.. :D
like it..
4/5 ;)
not parentheses :p

like this: [

ah I see

just copy/paste the following into your profile and change {} to square brackets:

{url=}Whatever you want the link to say here{/url}

Hope that helps :)

I don't understand

do you mean teach you how to make links?

If so, {url}link address here{/url} and replace the {} with square brackets.

Is that it?


I completely disagree with the comment below. I loved the last tunnel, but the rest of the map was meh due to some pretty bad enemy placements. It was easily possible to go through the whole map and not trigger a single rocket.

Low 3/5

i didnt

kinda like the tunnel to the exit, but otherwise, it's a pretty good map. 4/5

neat map

very fun to run around and collect the gold in. 4

I thought

it was good liked the tiles a lot maybe a little plain could have done with a lasor drone i think


:) Okay, but kinda plain. 3/5
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