The Aether Flues

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Author Ferox
Tags action author:ferox mtg nreality rated tileset
Created 2009-12-18
Last Modified 2009-12-18
by 12 people.
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Description Collab. with Shadow93Kangaroo

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an extra week? oooh, why that?
good night now

ofcoure i will :)

oh dam shit - tomorrow school starts again...

can i borough your tree? i want to collab with bluePretzel and may we could use the tree...

Couldn't agree more bp (bluepretzel)


Very nice collab :)

Lolz at mxson/chord

because they are the same!

Oh whoops. Forgot to say I really dig the tiles xD Especially the clouds.

I really liked this map. xD Faved and 4d. I think the only thing I can really complain about (besides cheatability) would be the forced ninja color. Doesn't really go with the map. Maybe green instead?

no u

a bit better

@ everyone
try to beat it
Demo Data


I didn't see the tag.

@ maxson924

the clue is tu use N Reality xD
download here: []
and my demo is a great closecall one...
and I have no clue how to complete this :s

oh you got

it wrong i ment these tiles (will come in next message)


has 3 ratings...all 5 stars.
i think, because on one is on Numa at time xD

oh hell - leave it like this
@ all other players
please dont cheat xD

that was a great map. I think you did great. 4/5 faved.


really don't know.

shell we change it?

but i don't want to :D

Cheatable demo

Demo Data


crud. It's cheatable.


see that demo


thought we did pretty well, too.

oh crap

xD worsest AGD ever
Demo Data
and i was right...? without the foorguard it is getable - so guys out there! have a try