Quickswitch! and the Deadly Citadel!

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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-11-19
Last Modified 2006-04-04
by 16 people.
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Description (Cue swashbuckling adventure music.)

Prepare for the ninja's greatest adventure yet. A message of buried treasure takes him across the globe to the mystic East, where he meets Sharid, a beautiful Nepali princess.

(Cue romantic music. Play the scene with the numerous sexual innuendos.)

But this well-met soiree soon becomes disasterous as the Umbatil tribe raises its ancestors from the grave to help protect their gods' treasure.

Will the ninja make it out alive? Will he be able to save Sharid from the sinister Umbatil tribe? Will Johan get his flying robot army working in time for the big race? Will Renee be able to finally tell her parents about her lifestyle choices when she returns from the future city of Gilgamesh?

Find out this spring when the ninja ventures into...


Rated PG13.

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crazy map!


your writing went down some...just a tad. 5/5 for the map anyway


The second hard.

That was fun.

Thankee, Blue Tetris.




It said rated pg 13+ :(

Only 12 and a half?

That's a fine reason to play my level!


funny story...unfortunately, i cant watch or play this level coz im only 12 and a half years old :)

The BackStory:

Well, blue_tetris had a running gag on the IRC, saying that he had made me a ded map, but it's the darnest thing, he spelled my name wrong. So this time, he bet me 10 bucks that he would make me a ded map in 10 minutes. I agreed. He made one. And since I'm not about to send $10 to a person I've never met, he agreed that I am to make him 7 (!) ded maps in exchange. I have a lot of work ahead of me...

Funny Thing

I don't seem to get tired of this series.
Why's he owe you 10 clams?

(I contracted "why" and "does", how nutty is that?)