:Retarded Traderaters:

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Author brainstone
Tags 188888 author:brainstone unrated
Created 2009-12-19
Last Modified 2009-12-19
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Map Data

Description Yay. I`ve got map number 188888.

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Yes I did

come across this map by putting 188888 into N-reality.
5/5, this is really nicely made.

yeah oakstream

croc just added an extra zero

i doubt

any of us will be here to see map 2000000, this community has been up and running for some years now, were up to 188888, that means 1111112 maps left, that is like... 6 times more then all maps subbed so far
that this was ironical, GTM you little liar.


You win at life.


wants map 2000000. ;)
But for sure someone is going to sub 10 maps in a row just to get it and all the others will submit maps, too, and when you didn`t get exactly 2000000, your map will be pushed off.

You lucky.

I want map 2000000.