DeadCivilisation II

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Author Bl3wolf
Tags action author:bl3wolf featured medium rated
Created 2009-12-20
Last Modified 2009-12-20
by 14 people.
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Description Remix from this one:
DeadCivilisation []
A bit harder than the last.
I hope you find the path...

This map was featured on 2012-09-25

Sometimes you don't need an obvious route. Sometimes you just like an adventure. Of course, you still need to be careful. One wrong step and you'll have to repeat a small section - getting a good time is a nightmare.

Bl3wolf's tileset and enemy use creates a fantastic landscape, a dead civilisation, to explore - and die in. Take it slowly and you might just survive. Take it too fast and you'll end up just like the rest of them... — ChrisE

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just seemed like a mechanic that was way out of place in this map


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Pretty cool. With polish could have been spectacular.


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I saw a few places it could be improved, but as a whole it's fun. 4.
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not a fast agd but

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agreed with ferox.

great choice :D

One of my favorite maps ever.

first try

agd. good stuff, nice adventure map
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You are really good with tiles. :)


felt like an adventure. 5aved.

lol, can't believe I beat this on my first try, it felt like such an adventure instead of a memorized route, pretty fun
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very funny.. :D
4.5/5 ;)
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i'll play once I finish my race map.