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Author Bunniesandsheep
Tags author:bunniesandsheep aw3sum bunnylicious fun race rated
Created 2009-12-23
Last Modified 2009-12-23
by 12 people.
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Just decided to make a map quickly for the hell of it. Decided not to spend more than a hour on it, hence it being only 1000 frames long.

Just a tip: If you're dying a lot on a lazer off the bottom of the 3 diagonal launchpads on the left side of the map, or a bit after it, try:

A: Jumping where the vertical line of gold is (and holding jump)
B: Not jumping immediately before you hit the launchpad.

I've included a demo. I know it's cheatable, and I don't give a crap.

btw, why do all the races look either like they were made by Destiny or by someone with no imagination with the flow? Bring back in_dub =P

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holy crap!

you're back!

loved it

great to see one of the great race makers back.

Nice :)
Thanks for that =]
Did you get to see it finished? I can't even remember...

Well, here it is, just in case. Racepack []


Hey, I never said how long that series would go on xD

Besides, having series and race packs was always the reason I left. Any time I have too much of a feeling of responsibility on the net, I end up leaving.

It's kinda ironic how I came back just as you left, seeing as I've seen most of the other awesome race makers come and go xD

not all races do

my ones, i reckon there a better ways to decorate a race map,
eg map
this looks different and still has the same flow, but i agree, most race map do look the same


What can I say? It must be my charms and good looks ^^

Unfortunately it looks like im gonna retire after a couple more races. I have yet to decide to what extend i'll be sticking around.

Unlike SOME people, I intend to finish my final race series :P


I'll see what I can do. I may put out another map tonight.

Will check out that when I get the time bro, good to see your still here =]

I love you man

I want you back ;_;

If you get a chance, please check out my latest and greatest series Racediary []

What everyone else said about this pretty much sums it up. Great flow, messy aesthetics.
@wolfgang: I'm going to Australia for a holiday :)

@Izzy: yes, it did :( I wanna start up WWG again though

@Gekoes: I've never been too brilliant at aesthetics xD. I go more for the gameplay.


Did Phoenix die? ;____________;

Why heading to Aus?

Assuming you did mean Aus and not I'm not totally off base.

Nice enough map, I like the messiness (why do I have to fight the urge to put a hyphen in there?), although I think the flow could be tighter - the rhythm just felt off.

I won't rate just because N is feeling a little stale for me at the moment and I can't really decide how much fun I had.

oh nevermind

id have to mind the drones and everything :/
not good at that


i love our races.
but u do need tyo work on aesthetics (:
can i try? :P i rpbly wont do well, but still is fun :D

VERY, very nice

superbly timed thwumps, excellent enemy and mine placement, seamless flow (if you dont suck). All around a very fun, challenging, and addicting map.
and yet i cant beat it.....




I stumbled.
Demo Data


Thanks bro, I'll see what I can do, though I'm leaving for auz on the 3rd, and won't get serious time on a PC till the 20th or so. I'll pop around though =]
Maybe just not fast enough yet. But the bottom laser seems to be a little too unpredictable. Though you warned us about that in the description. The flow was great! Imaginative and completely different than what I've been seeing recently. Aesthetics were great, but not like, AMAZING. Anyways, welcome back my friend, and I hope to see more from you!

Holy Crap!

Hey man! Welcome back to the world of mapping! Our genre has died my friend. =(
We totally need you and in_dub back! Though it doesn't look too horrible with what we have, I mean, it could be worse.
Lets get the fan comment out, we should collab again! Haha.
Criticizing coming up!


Should be able to do it in under 1000 frames.
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