On a destructive island

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading destructive gold mines rated
Created 2009-12-23
Last Modified 2009-12-23
by 10 people.
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Description this is by far the best in the mappack and the most different. ded to all my great friends such as:
And everyone else who has supported me. this sounds like something you would say on your 100th map but i cant wait that long.

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my 200th

is right beneath yours ^^

No, I don't really mind that much, unless bits are blatantly obvious, but this was alright. I just recognise my own maps :D

Haha, you took bits of tiles from different maps of mine :D

Let's see, in this map I see;

My trees
My tower
and maybe that viil style map I did.

Hah, you got away with nothing ;)

Long time since...

...I played a decent map with seeker drones. AGD is hard, yay!


speed :D
Demo Data

First try AGD.

Demo Data

the map is easy.

Its hard to agd but only because there's so much of it and there are SO many places to make mistakes and die. The mines are really only dangerous when getting the gold in the bottom left section.

Despite the gameplay, the map looks amazing in the thumb and full with the tiles and gold.

lag killed me

on my way to a first try agd

Demo Data

the theme is an underwater city. just make a map in this format.


sorry didn't really catch you there, did you say that you didn't get asked to join and that you need persuasion to join?



very unique gold

the mines didn't look too great, maybe ones touching the tiles would look better. Anyway, very good overall. Thanks for the mention :)

Great. Its 4/5

AGD Trying to get.
Demo Data



nice <3