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Author Arrange
Tags action author:arrange first flow playable rated
Created 2009-12-24
Last Modified 2010-06-26
by 21 people.
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Hey, NUMA.
This is my first map.
Took over two hours, turned out great.

It has some good flow, and what I think is the perfect amount of enemies. It gets pretty tough if you let out the homing zap drones; but you can still beat it.

I will release a demo as a comment.

Thanks for playing my first map!



... well, I'd think you were new also.


Would if I could.

I agree with eganic

you have to lowercase the 'e', YOU HAVE TO

the teleporter is untrusworthy, it's different depending on the speed you go into it, otherwise, this is an excellent map, I was a bit caught up earlier so sorry for not playing. Very nicely done, might come back later to fave it
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everyone here is a multi-accounter, if you know what I mean.

may I ask who are your favourite authors? your flow is decent and the drone timing finicky. It seems to me that you have been playing one too many RIobe maps, yeah?
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I agree with flag

I didn't enjoy this...looks good for a first but it is obvious you are a new guy, because the placement is a bit...tacky to say the least. 3


at my first map...
There was the same discusion about multyaccount...
So I belive you... so...
Good first map ;) 4/5


Come again?

lowercase 'e'







Eganic, you did pretty well up until there, but this map isn't NGD-able. After the teleport there is 4 gold pieces that aren't avoidable.

if it were up to me

all maps would be NGDable
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Thanks - all of you.
Especially 29403.


i hate

being ignored. :(
enjoy your stay! :3


the first option, the first option.


unfortunately, whether you like it or not, or whether it's true or not, someone will always piss you off about multiaccounting if you're too good.

Well whatever, welcome to numa or welcome back to numa!

I forgot...



Nice avatar!



I hope I do, too.

Now I'm going to go enjoy a nice cup of tea.
Or not..

Well yeah okay. WELCOME TO NUMA! If this is your first account, then I hope you become a prosperous mapmaker. :)


What are you trying to say?
I also have ideas of what people like from my brother,
all I do is do what he doesn't.


Hard to believe you've developed a style before you've even had one map on NUMA. Most people go through about 50-200 maps before they develop a style, but yeah, you might be an exception ay?


It is a first on NUMA.
I've made about 3 others.

And then a couple extra noob ones, when I just got N.
But lately I've developed a style.

Well we're just a speculative bunch. ;D

To be honest, this map is way too good to be a first. I mean maybe it is his first, but it's our nature to assume the worst isn't it? :3



He rated a 5, so someone rate a 3 and even it out.
I agree, a 5 is a bit excessive, so I'll tell him to rate my maps as someone I don't know. Rather then my brother.

Or if you'd like, he won't rate at all.

Come on.

Let's not be speculative, just because our first maps weren't very good.

4. Soppy old name though. :P

oh please

the 'my brother' line has been used before. Who is your brother on this site?

Agree with Flag and probably Radium too.

The clutter lent this map charm, but it was false charm; there wasn't any atmosphere to go along with it. And the flow was never what it should have been.

3.5 ... down.


Call me what you'd like.
I'm not a multi-accounter.

My brother plays on this site, but that's my brother.
I'll tell him not to rate my maps if that's not allowed.

I know right.

i agree with Falcon




Love the teleport, is this really a first?
You get one, big wow!


pretty cool. hope you have some fun here with us at NUMA.
felt cluttered and I didn't enjoy the semi-irregularity of the mines... but merry christmas, so 5/5.


So funny.

Pretty nice for a first. Welcome to NUMA. 3.5 down, so 3/5