End of All

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Author romaniac
Tags action author:romaniac featured playable rated
Created 2009-12-25
Last Modified 2009-12-25
by 44 people.
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Description A merry christmas map.

This map was featured on 2010-11-30

Tonight I am bringing to the fore a "best use of objects" type map in honor of the upcoming 2010 Dronies. rema's End of All is one of those puppies you play over and over again even though it's not highly technical or addictively hard. It's main pull, to me, was the rare opportunity to impale yourself on elusive rocket rears (as I stated eloquently below), but it also provided a refreshing break from dull, linear action maps. I'm sure that you'll enjoy donating just a bit of your time to this short and sweet dead-sexy whoreson. — flagmyidol

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This is so cool!

Well-executed, sir!
can be improved though with some luck.
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out this rocket dodge. It is epic.
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that bottom rocket is used in two different contexts.

Also, what the fuck, Romaniac, this is weiiiiiiird. O________________________o

this is neat!

i like it a lot, nice work (in the bedroom)
I was totally not expecting this, and thanks for the awesome comments.

Also, I don't normally advertise, but the timing is just too good to pass up.
Here's my 500th map [].


that is pretty brilliant
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i remember this

faved it after playing once. congratz rom

Oh yes a romaniac feature!


I did not in any way attempt to sway anyone's Dronies voting process but if I did, I don't give a fuck.


I could have sworn I played, demoed, and commented on this. Great concept and execution, absolutely perfect imo, although I am against using reviews to sway the nominating/voting populous during the Dronies.
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I remember this.

Definitely a well-deserved featured.
don't try to sway my vote flag

Whoever's going tomorrow, feel free to submit at will. No one's on the queue for today so I hopped on the submission train. No worries.
jump so bloody fast

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Wasn't done with, what do you think of it now?


this took about 10-15 mins. I suppose It would have made it smoother with some one-ways, but I didnt want it that easy
Really, it's like you didn't bother with the bottom much at all.

oh yeah, the bottom is soooo bumpy and out of place compared to the rest, some oneways would be nice

sub 600 agd is possible, but I'm getting tired of doing the same demo over and over, cool concept, nice work! agd
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Concept. 5/5


you so rock

oh ****

did I just teleport... behind a rocket. all I can say is you're a winner

Great! This is going to stay on top for a while. : )


*Sticks middle finger up at missed gold*.
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great concept. ps the thumbnail looked like a noob map :p

AGD death

died right at the end :(
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Faster Agd

I messed the end up.
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Many sorries

forgot the demo
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great map 5aved

wow 5aved :)



i might feature this in that merry-go-round we'll have this week




umm good!!! 5aved!