SuperNinja Bros

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Author TheBlackLion
Tags author:theblacklion fun image-map medium nreality rated supermario
Created 2009-12-26
Last Modified 2009-12-26
by 34 people.
Map Data

Description What N in a supermario bros level ?

Yes, N has take his holiday in the supermaio world, but he didn't think that it was so dangerous! Help N to exit this Supermario level.

This is my first Nreality level and i've make it in one week of hard work ;)

This level include:
- A supermario bros background made by myself.
- A supermario bros foreground made by myself.
- 3 custom supermario bros icons.
- 3 invisibles icons.
- 2 recolored icons.
- A nice tileset and good object layout (i hope :p).
- A lot of fun !

Try to beat my record (you can watch it in Nreality) and post it.
Pleaze rate and comment, no 0,1,2 injustified.
Njoye ;)

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Discovery In tribute to the huge courage of drones who never catch N


I still love this.

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Wow amazing level

This level is really awesome, you did it pretty good i love it ;)
Sub-1700 AGD
1690 frames
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Demo Data
They are the best.


not this demo, but I had all gold. It wasnt recording. see start of my profile to see the rule I broke that caused no demo.
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i love it such an awesome map :) 5/5 faved

Thanks a lot :)

For all the comment, rating and record on hightscore and speedrun mode !
Now i'm making a super mario mappack of 10 maps, but a little break before :D


please tell me when n+ is coming out in aus.?



lol hilarious and great map! hahaa

Oh, but

It would've been nice if you changed the 'Gooma-chasers' speed to a bit slower, but ah well :P


That last gold sucks. And that's about the only thing that did.
So nice work 4/5.
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Lovely Map

the best N-super-mario-crossover map; just type in mario and you'll get heaps of attempts XD
Very nice, 5aved


This is impressive. 5aved.

Oh, sorry.

Hum, you can try to make my bowser castle tileset but i can't promise you nothing... Because when i make a level a make the tileset and the objects in the same times.

I didn't mean copy.

I meant make a tileset for you, send it to you via pastebin, and you can work it from there.

Besides, I don't copy styles.


CodeFelix, i can't stop you. But pleaze don't copy an author, try to make your style. I want to make one level for each world in the supermario bros + a bowser final castle and an hanted houses but if you copy my idea it's very bad. Try to make another imagemap and make another icons but don't copy an author, just for respectes he.
Thanks. ;)
because they worked the same way as in a mario game. The temptation to jump on the enemies is just too much.

who here

didnt try jumping on the koopa :/


i forgot about the gold on the flag

but almost all agd.

Very nice use of all mario enemies/n enemies combined.
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You are a god among mapmakers. 5aved.

i'll even help!

i'll make the basic layout!
sorry for typing all caps, but please.

I would be quite impressed if you could do 1 of the key levels from each of the 8 (or 9) Worlds from New Super Mario Bros Wii.

Inspiration []

Thanks a lot all !

Yes i can, but then it's too easy :)
In some times, i begin the construction of a level in a castle with ghost, lava, twomps, bowser and many other idea !
that way it fires straight, like Bullet Bill.

Otherwise this is great.


If you submitted this without the image, I would've seen this as a "bad" map. However, with the Mario image, you play this map from a platformer's lens, giving it sort of an adventuresque gameplay mechanic. In the end, the map and the image make this a star.

I dig it. Faved.

wow, this is awesome :)
you should make more, like a series or something...

Just excellent!

I needed that shot of Mario bros.
I look forward to see a bowser map next


cant tie amlt. bah
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AGD (Slow)

Demo Data
amazing work with the picture and the gameplay is very nice as well. just a neat job with the icons to.


Demo Data
Some of the ideas in here were just heightened by the Mario aspects of them, but classic gameplay styles in this 2D platformer work really well. I enjoyed running through this with and without the image. I say, keep making more interesting stuff!


Demo Data

Ok, i go look it.
here's is my best times : 144.XX !
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just great!

may you could take a look here? []
cause it is an other n reality level
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