I guess this is Christmas

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Author eganic
Tags author:eganic featured rated
Created 2009-12-26
Last Modified 2009-12-26
by 7 people.
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Description Don't feature unless you have something to say about the map.

This map was featured on 2010-09-27

For me, some of the most tender maps take a simple idea, and add just enough meat to the bones to give the challenge depth, whilst still leaving you hungry for more. "I guess this is Christmas" is one such map, and believe me, it's no turkey. You'll have to duck under chaingun bullets whilst simultaneously avoiding the few strategically placed mines, or you're stuffed.

But seriously, eganic's best mapping comes out when he removes all of the unnecessary trimmings, and the result is a refined, yet quirky, aesthetic combined with original, yet familiar, gameplay. Give it a taste. — Guitar_Hero_Matt

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That really hit the spot.
I tried for better but couldn't repeat a first time jump oddly. Fun although it's more of a simple challenge then anything. That said I love Simple Challenges and liked this.

Oh and the first comment makes the whole thing pretty funny.
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it looks like they're seeker-chainguns.

I know that has no effect on the gameplay, but still.

I'm tired.



great review, interesting map, it was fine with the level of unfinishedness-feeling. it still felt like a big map, because of all the moving around. slow AGD below.
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that launchpad down the bottom tempted me to try it out, in one of my other goes.
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It's nice to see a fun and simple map featured for once!

First Try AGDD

Same as flag about the puns. I liked the map, it was entertaining for a few minutes. Very episodic.
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Thanks GTM

I guess things really do happen when you least expect them


good review though

me and eganic used to have these great late-night numa conversations

i wonder where he went

i also wonder how i missed every single fucking pun in that review the first time around


this is a normal and a fun map. it will leave some people to wonder how to get the key. the tilsets also good. overall this map deserves the feature.

umm... was this map created in 2009? 0o!!

deserves: 3.9/5


annoying jump.
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I hate eganic maps

though I love eganic. He's my homeboy.

Love it!


both fbf
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could prob shave off another 50 frames
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could be faster

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Really fun episodic map.
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made me hungry :(
I couldn't think of anything but puns when I was trying to write the review. D:

On the bright side, I think I actually conveyed some meaning behind all the foodstuffs.


haha.. skypanda started the retro, though
I'll PM you tomorrow

hey ginger ale kicks ass.

ay bitch let's make a quick map

i thoroughly enjoyed your profile

yeah sure I'd

love to collab. do you go on IRC?

lol thanks

then you have a bigger problem.

What I have learned

is that when you state a negative opinion, you should say, "in my opinion." It makes people less angry.
You know I like you as a person, a friend and a mapper. In case that's what got across.

I've noticed that all too frequently my simpler maps are my most coherant.


I'm agreeing with GTM; this is one of your best, great simplicity.
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am i being dared to feature this?
However, Hoohah remains one of the blossoming talents of the 180000's (as corny as it sounds) and, although four is a bit much, deserves to be recognised as an excellent map-maker and overall nice guy.

In an unrelated incident, mentioning features over and over tends to dissuade people from featuring your maps. I look at a map of yours I love, then look at the comment and think "damn, the timing isn't right. I'll do it when everyone's forgotten about this featuring malarchy."

4aved. This is actually one of your best maps in it's simplicity, no shit.


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