Potato + Radiated Beaver = Random

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Author miststalker06
Tags author:miststalker06 beatable featured fun medium mines random rated
Created 2009-12-26
Last Modified 2009-12-26
by 14 people.
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Description Used my tileset, since no one else found it interesting.

This map was featured on 2009-12-27

Potatoes and Radiated Beavers. Two things you would expect to not go well together. But in this map, they lay in perfect, random harmony next to each other.

A beast of a level to all gold, this map keeps you coming back for more and more. When the map has finally chewed your ninja up and thrown him aside, you still crave more. And that sort of re-playability in a map is a fine quality to have. Enough said.

By furry_ant [] — RadiumFalcon

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this reminds me

of a portal gun
Demo Data


Demo Data


your only featured map was featured for 10 minutes, thats just funny, and then it got featured again

Sweet as

A ten-minute feature? Oh well. One down...

But yes, a great map. Well done.
Unless you can give me a demo of how to get the blue panel without the trap door, I'd like to keep it there.

ten minutes. :p


so few comments on a featured map?


fun gold collecting
beast looking tiles, almost like Vill but definitely unique.
4/5 and worth the feature.

Ye :D <3

Thanks, Furry ^^<3

At least you got a featured map :p

Ha ha :p Awesome.

Featured for 10 mins!! ^^


Inb4 other conceptions.


:o <3 Awesome ^^

Okay, just watch me review this <3
believe me this. No one is going to look at this map again :) Could be nice though ^^

This is brilliant. Enough said. Someone feature this now. <3


I really hated the mines around the starting point and the exit. When the first thing you get on a map is red lines within a second, it's kind of discouraging. And when it's at the end of the map, it feels even worse. ;__;

But MAN. Those sections with the loops were fantastic! If you could build off of those some, it'd be great! It's just those little, ridiculously annoying things that can bring down a map. :<

This looks intensely awesome. Playing now.