Friends Forever

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Author littleviking001
Tags action author:littleviking001 playable unrated
Created 2009-12-26
Last Modified 2009-12-26
Map Data

Description Kashkin and Jiggerjaw were on IRC and they were like, "Hey LV, you should make a new map. You're the one who inspired us to use mines or something." So I made this map. I like to think it resembles my old style. Dedicated to CodeFelix and SlappyMcGee.

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was 2165 ffs

Sub 2200 AGD

Cool map. Makes me wish I had been here for the 'old school' whatever that means. You should map again.

'Also lulz at "inspired to use mines"'.





Also I must point out that this map's existence thrills me. :)


First map I've played in about ten years.

I didn't really like the thwumps in the first section, but I loved the way the gauss came into play on the descent and when those lasers pin you in the top right corner. And the two passive enemy sections were great!

Slow completion with some incidental gold-grabbing. Really not worth watching the following demo:
Demo Data

that was fun
Demo Data


are a legend

hey lv,

man make one last map, just as a filler.
but that's my suggestion :/

My account on the forums doesn't work anymore, and hasn't been working for the past few weeks, why is this?


It's LV!
As is, favorited. <3


whoever Kashkin is, he is one badass guy to get you out of retirement!

slow completion

Demo Data


he means me XD He made a mistake

No, it wasn't me.

This is excellent, mind.

very old school

it was alright


you mean me? XD It wasn't GTM since he wasn't there :P
I was Joe Satriani, Satch, Rush, The Who, etc etc.


you rock, you inspire me.


Can I say that this is old school without irony?
Demo Data