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Author capnshazmo
Tags action author:capnshazmo stripe unrated
Created 2009-12-27
Last Modified 2009-12-27
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I don't think I can beat that
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Demo Data


thats a fun to watch demo, not to mention impressive also.

a lil' better

Just for fun.
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Over 200 frame improvement =D
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Best AGD

I came back to this, and I made probably the best AGD I can do.

Great map, really fun to AGD.
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It has a lot of flow, but isnt quite a race.

I make words up a lot.


thats a nice demo

Faster AGD

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Better AGD

I really love the quasi-flow of this map. I'd almost call it a race, but not quite.
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Horrible AGD

This map is awesome. I had to AGD it. I did (badly).

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fun, hard, interesting, 4

Interesting idea

and interesting to play. 4/5

intended route

couple other possible ones
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