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Author BluePretzel
Tags author:bluepretzel bike collab mechrider nreality ramps rated
Created 2009-12-28
Last Modified 2010-01-01
by 20 people.
Map Data

Description A Nreality collab with shadow93kangaroo [], some mods, image, and a re-run of most of the map. I made the idea, and some basic modding. Ok, this time N is riding a bike!!

Note that: N is in fact, riding a bike. No super-ninja powers, apart from the ability to 'super-bunny-hop' the bike. Before you go and complain that "what the hell, I landed flat and exploded!" or "what? I only landed on a corner! why did I die?" and "rediculous. Why didn't N build up speed? I should've cleared that jump easilly!", note the bike. If you land on a corner, your probably gonna stack. If you slam right down onto the ground, you'll cripple your bike, and your legs. Also, a little fact: bikes are heavy. You are not gonna build up speed fast enough across 3 tiles to make a 4-tile jump!! This is all part of the realism of riding a bike. Please Rate and Comment, the constant usage of mods is giving me a headache. Also, the one-ways are mostly decoration, they are ramp poles :D

Try for speedruns with the most gold. Njoy!!
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It reminds me

of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

Neat Map!


My Demo data:
Demo Data

N Poser []
isn't working for me anymore! why??
o wait, yeah that is

lol its fine

you'll be surprised tomorrow then ;D

... the might of a phone cannot come close to defeating an all powerful thunda' lord ;D

rather awesome

love the concept and how you made the image work with the angles and everything.

yeah i delisted a bad one... a VERY bad one...

as for the 200th... look at hot maps in a few minutes (10-15) & you'll have a surprise ;D

better version []
(without the image xD)

@ all - don't look...


it is not my fault

this is the "original" image - N destroys it


work more on the image

next map

for a mappack like this...
here []

not finished yet - maybe you have some ideas...
and may the general tag to this sort of map should be:

or something?

very cool mod but hard to control...
Demo Data

line Rider^^
but thats just imo

Leading by 30 seconds now ;)

Fastest demo on nreality by 17 seconds.

Haha, that is neat.


really :) lets make a package of this...


screwing around demo.
Demo Data


Swear this has been done before. Like the exact same thing, with the bike and everything.


quite impressive

I love the concept.


PLEASE PLEASE! make a series of these!
Awesome concept, pretty hillarious,wish it was a bit more fun/exciting though. 3.5/5 up.
Demo Data

sub 700, this is sooo interesting and weird lol
Demo Data

lol! cool idea, wish it was a little more fun and good looking
Demo Data



Demo Data


thats sexy. N on a Bike