Beautiful Soul (Marble Stairs to Heaven)

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Author nevershine
Tags action author:nevershine featured marble rated
Created 2009-12-28
Last Modified 2010-05-22
by 25 people.
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Description for sale: a beautiful soul, badly cursed.

edit: completely reworked version from Megalith: click []

This map was featured on 2010-05-21

The sky is made of diamonds, the grass is a rich green... that's what they say, but who knows for sure? Above our perfect world is another, much brighter than ours. It's called Heaven.

It's always above us, above the clouds - in a world where death isn't the end, but only the beginning. But who needs to die to get there? Not us. We have a staircase.

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Really nice tiles.

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Demo data...

Demo Data

Close calls AGD

Look at this ! woooow ! ^^
Amazing map.
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Good executing of tiles and objects and a good review, what can I want more? ;D Agd:
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How do you do it?


also wanna get a featured map^^
Btw i like the calm aura!It realy was like dancing above the clouds.

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her them

i have been doign that like all day

i don't know who any of the other judges are so go bot


When does 'u think u got what it taksebut u dont' get featured? as in the reviewer contest... ? It's been 5 days, Plus NUMACON - Copycat still hasn't come up, and its been a week.. Just wondering.

Anyway, intense map, love it. 4.5^

congrats nevershine |]
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I really hope it doesn't start a religious debate though :s


Great map. Great review. 5aved. Love you, Chris.

here's an agd

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very inspiring

do you mind if I make a map like it?




This is cool stuff. I love the top right area, and the rocket placement. There's never a dull moment! Even the seekers find you, which is surprising in such an open map.

I'm faving this. :D <3


Here's a little map I started for a Riot collab. Do what you want with it, and send it back to me. If it's still unfinished, or whatever, I'll send it to Conen_TG.

Cheers! []


Nice. Reminds me of one of my maps ;)
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wow looks great :) and plays great :) its great :)

see you 2010! :D

haha it's ok


By the way, you are like GTM + atob, this map leaning more in favor of atob.


I did rate.


viel spaß im urlaub ;)


part of the map I just made is kinda like this. kinda...

hast du mal lust mit mir ne map zu machen?

Slow AGD

Interesting that you like the gameplay, I thought it looked a bit better than it played. It was still pretty enjoyable though. 4/5
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comon really. Watch demo
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alles perfekt.. *.*

und die band is auch besser wie ich dachte.. :D

und sowas [] hör ich im moment.. :D

5aved, btw.

and I had meant almost 100 frames faster than FusionCoil :D


almost 100 frames faster.
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:) Plays elegantly.

First try AGD.

:D Like the new style.
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I chose this name cause of the stair-like appearance of the tiles.

That said, your demo is pretty cool. Thanks for playing ;)