Underwater Decaying Metropolis

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Author aerodynamic
Tags action apt author:aerodynamic flowy playable race unrated
Created 2009-12-29
Last Modified 2009-12-29
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Description ...type thing. for apt []. Well, I had some cool ideas for this action map which could just never really manage to come to life, despite the time spent. Everything I tried just didn't seem to work. I would end up trying to do too much and overcrowd areas with objects, and so then I removed most of them and focused on flow; so much so that I've ended up with a map that's nearly a race (much like this one []). I still like the emptiness of it in the end; I feel like that fits the theme of the deep sea, considering there's plenty of emptiness in the ocean. Wow, this is becoming a rather lengthy description, so I'll just finish up by saying that I still quite like it overall, and it does make me feel like I'm in a deep sea (perhaps abandoned) metropolis. Now I can only hope that Riobe likes it enough to let me survive the first round! :P

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I have really bad taste :D
only the first half could really be played like that, if you wanted. I just added the tag because it seemed close enough, imo.

pretty wird... it had a lot of turn-arounds and stops... but still good 3/5
:p 4/5
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I think it looks better in full... maybe...
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