Good, clean fuel

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Author n0_ma11y
Tags author:n0_ma11y custom-path mod nreality rated tile-drone trigger
Created 2009-12-29
Last Modified 2009-12-30
by 9 people.
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Description --==Nreality==--
In this level everything is modded. lol.

  • Exit
  • Triggers
  • Mines
  • Tile-drones
  • Area-trigger

Is It possible to make this kind of a jump without nreality?

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that was wierd
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Freaky glitch that kept happening. (You only need to watch the beginning.
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Im not

on your fav authors list :( anyway I love the collab!!! you've done great on it and I think you should sub as you looked like you worked very hard so its your to sub


This is totally random, though...
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Some moderator banned me from the forums permentally. Possibly gloomp.

Sorry dude. Maybe when I come back.

The key to your sucsess
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pretty good mods, but a bit boring... 3/5
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besides, these maps are good.

And, what's the reason people talk about ages?
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Leaff? Twelve?

Woah. I thought he would be like, 16, or something. Oh, and yes, that jump is possible without nReality.

the door

is a little bit big.. :D


So more people can play this

yeah, but...

That's the thing thought,
i JUST turned 13, Dec, 7th.
A lot of people on NUMA are 13.
Leaff is 12
squiddy-brick is 11 born in January
I am 11 born in september


Didn't really understand.
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make it harder though