7 Spirits Can't Get ME Drunk!

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Author reginald
Tags author:reginald collab ded hard reginald seventhspirit unrated
Created 2009-12-30
Last Modified 2009-12-30
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description A collab with SeventhSpirit. Well, not so much "collab" as "he gave permission to everyone to use the tileset, and I took up the offer". Also a ded to him, as he's a great mapper.

The tileset can be found (here) [(http:]

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im_bad_at_N said it

very funny gameplay especially the seekerdronepart^^
but the objects are very randomly placed xD

Hey, do you want to collab again, if so comment on my latest map.

haha no problem

and thanks especially with rating based on the n-art and not the subject. really appreciate it =]

chaotic objects

well... some of it works nicely with the tiles =]



pretty cool.

don't put gold in random places though. Put them in hard to reach places. don't put them all in together, though.