8) The Storm

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Author BluePretzel
Tags author:bluepretzel boat pirate potsg series storm unrated
Created 2009-12-30
Last Modified 2010-02-10
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Description The waters had been choppy, and growing ravenous, but N had never suspected this.
The storm was harsh, and LIVIT wouldn't stand for much longer. N knew he had to find shelter. He could see a burnt-out volcano in the distance. He knew because there were no active volcanoes in this reigion, he thought. That would be an Ideal place to shelter from the storm.
"Stay here Livit, and please stay intact" N knew talking to a boat wouldn't help, but he tried anyway. The storm was getting worse. Bolts of lightning were thundering down, and the pain of leaving LIVIT grew worse, but he had to. He had to abandon ship. N noticed the waves. They were fairly solid on top, after building up. He could use his jumping ability to quickly skip across the waves before they broke.
The lightning was incredibally dangerous. That one missed him by metres.
"I must go! Please stay here, Livit. Please"
And with that, N went off to the shelter in the distance.

Number 8 of my Pirate series.
Go for all gold speedruns, demos are wanted!

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I think it is neat

that the Livit crashes at the end.

But that lighting really gets pissed if you stand in place too long.
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i enjoyed the story!

speed here:
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i like the concept!

and the mine placement is great, 4/5!
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