Call of Duty - Future Warfare

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Author reginald
Tags author:reginald cod hard unrated
Created 2009-12-31
Last Modified 2009-12-31
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Map Data

Description In the future, every soldier will have Master Chief jumping abilities. In defences of skyscrapers(the only buildings around) are boxes with death drones, and mines riddle the tricky spots. Here, Infinity Ward have decided to use this idea for their next CoD, and yet another change of direction seeing as Medal of Honour is coming back, set in modern day.

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Happy New Year Man

a pretty neat map but still il give you a 3/5 :)


thats cool and thanks

i didnt

like it do you want it?

Here are some tiles for our collab, I was kinda thinking about a minejumper? 1@00000000000000002MI21115000000000000000000029CD?000000000000000000?0I11H00000000000000000C00A11<00000000000000002000I11I?0000000000000000000E11MJ0000000000000000000K11GH000000000000000000IF11A?0000000000000000000:11=00000000000000000000G11E0000000000000000000BE11IH0000000000000000000611100000000000000000000F11I0000000000000000000?11EG0000000000000000000?E11@00000000000000000000C11800000000000000000000511I00000000000000000000F11<00?00000000000000000I1100J000000000000000000:11H00000000000000000000611000000000000000000000B1000000000000000000000>50000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000040000000000000000000003E000000000000000000000BA000000000000000000000>4000000000000000000000314GK400000000000003LH31|5^108,36!11^36,72,564,564