Random Goals 17: Rodeo

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Author Notae
Tags author:notae featured playable survival unrated
Created 2005-11-19
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Description Ride the thwumps across to the distant switches.

This map was featured on 2022-06-22

This will be easy. It’s the same thing over, and over again. I’ve done it all before.

Each additional depth, a bit deeper, an iota of extra mine-age, initially hardly distinct from the last, eventually graduates enough to awaken incumbent senses between deliberated step-counting to, a modicum, enhanced realizations, momentary survival.

This is not as easy as it was before…

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Yeah, the structure is a bit simplistic, but I also think it's fun to try to squeeze frames at on highscores with the risk–reward element. Here's a pretty fast agd...
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reminds me of that bluetetris level from the end of B column in N v2.0