A Lisztomania

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Author Izzy
Tags author:izzy balls laser new-year rated survival
Created 2009-12-31
Last Modified 2009-12-31
by 6 people.
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Description Survival for the New Year. Balls!

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I am a rate hor and nothing more. That I make a map for the rating, and I dont finish the details on my maps to make them better because I am lazy. :o Thank you, I just had a horrible insight. Now, I can fix it.
People like FBF, it is his 200th, I don't want to work on this cuz I'm lazy. Because the first two it will get 4s and 5s so really it is more efficient to be lazy. Right?

Apples and Pears.


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quick AGD

workin on a long demo
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by the sideshow! :/