Geometric Progression [Gone Mad]

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Author Riobe
Tags action author:riobe featured fun medium playable rated relics
Created 2010-01-01
Last Modified 2010-01-01
by 30 people.
Map Data

Description Wheeee.

This map was featured on 2011-01-29

What are the most common gold forms which you can found on NUMA?
a) lines
b) simple shapes like triangles, squares
c) crazy shapes like... something crazy

You're right, all of the above!
Most of them bore you after a plenty of maps.
But there was one Riobe map which has really surprised me.

Geometric Progression contains the coolest and sexiest square gold placement I've ever seen.
Besides that, I will never understand how he was able to use 40 different-sized squares without making the gameplay totally dull.

This was a fantastic lesson in geometry. Thanks, Riobe. — Chrdrenkmann

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oh, goddamit

I wanted to feature this. :/

Love it!

I just played this the other week... been a fav for a while! Now it's a feature!


cool aestetics. not sure if it could hold my attention for more than a couple runs.
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nothing. 5/5

First Try AGD

My heart stopped for a second at the end. I could swear I hit the mine.
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can gold placement be sexy :)

ain't mine

not that I remember at least

I'm thinking of a map, maybe by 179 or 7_2, with interlocking huge gold chains in the middle. Might've been featured. Would love someone to link it to me, if they can.

Beautiful squares, which complement the tiles really well. Rather merely decorative than actually helpful in gameplay, though.

so many faces..

glad this community seems to be up and running again. :)

also, nice choice. of course the gold is quite overwhelming but I don't mind, it's still very good. 4.
awesome tileset, great gameplay, but getting an AGD is more trouble than it's worth.

That laser

was badass. 5

I didn't like it.

The amount of gold was overwhelming and meant constant sweeping of a small area which got a bit boring. There wasn't a sense of urgency or "Okay, on to the next one before I get shot!". Just, "oh look, more gold. Yay..."
also thank you Chrdrenkmann :D
Great map, however I agree with atob, too much gold.



Too much gold though, imo, gets tedious after the first run.

Inspirational map, faved.

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awesome map btw
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without any real route, so i would say sub-2000 is possible
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Great choice, and a lovely review to boot.
Yes, I've counted the 1x1 squares as well.

fun map

it kinda felt crowded though


stop making me look bad. D:

What drug is this?

Yeah, script

I know how to say nice things, like "OMG I love you riobe you make such awesome maps!!!".

(This is in no way a bribe to get more points in apt. No /Sir/.)



fun squares

what more can I say?

Slow All-Gold.

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Oh, okay.