The Death of General Wolfe

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Author miststalker06
Tags adventure agd author:miststalker06 ded fun hard unrated
Created 2010-01-01
Last Modified 2010-01-01
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Description A dedication to General Wolfe!
... o, wait he's not on N.U.M.A.... he's dead by now! :o

Then it's a ded to Ultimatereading [] for being pure awesomeness. :D <3 Love your maps dude, keep 'em coming!

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bad agd, nice map, looks pretty cool
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if you

look at my profile you will see that i need you to choose a pic and name (if you dont understand me check my profile)

Slow AGD.

But an AGD nonetheless :D <3
Enjoy ^^
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loads for the great ded map!!! didnt expect it at all your pure awesomeness aswell!!! 5aved!!!