Kingsize Halo

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Author nevershine
Tags action author:nevershine rated
Created 2010-01-02
Last Modified 2010-01-02
by 7 people.
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Description back at home, back at numa.

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it's quite cool
Demo Data

In that case

You want to do a collab with me.
*jedi hand movement*

thanks :) I love jedi hand movements.

fastest AGD:
Demo Data
I messed up at the end, but otherwise it is sub 2000
Demo Data
with jedi hand movement*
Demo Data
with jedi hand movement*
it is also all gold.
Demo Data

AGD death

will get an AGD!
Demo Data

Final edits:

Get back to me if you don't like anything, otherwise feel free to sub =] []

you see

i had an old account. Minion_of_Pi.
and i cared way too much about ratings and attention.
i started this account as a new beginning, and it's helped alot.
while i am still human and enjoy it when people tell me my maps are good, i am not constantly comparing myself to others and worrying about if people know my name.

hey nevershine

i'm putting your name on my profile,
you're a beast, okay?
an inspiration to us all :3

no problem ;)
Sorry about re-tiling that map of yours without asking. It helped me out.

thanks, guys :)

I'm glad you like it.

@Aldaric: I like the gold patterns on the sides, they force you to both use the bounceblock and dodge the drone in another way.

good map

good map, as always.

First half demo

erg hard
Demo Data

I don't like those

gold triangle on the sides. They break the flow up for me.

Pretty fun map

trying to get an agd

I <3 oneway constructions right now.