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Author origami_alligator
Tags apt apt2 author:origami_alligator featured squares unrated
Created 2010-01-02
Last Modified 2010-01-02
Map Data

Description Three squares to make it a bomb. Four squares to make it a bubble.
How many squares to make it a dinosaur?

This map was featured on 2010-04-01

Squares. It's all about squares. Southpaw likes his squares. He can do great things, exceptional things and (sometimes) innapropriate things with them.

Take this map, for example. The squares fit together quite neatly, they look great and give off a simplistic feel - but the gameplay definitely isn't. The one-ways and doors provide a fantastic puzzle that rewards the player with a feeling of satisfaction when they complete it.

4 squares may make a bubble, but 45 squares make an awesome map. — ChrisE

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I was literally just about to submit a puzzle map with loads of squares. It'll look derivative now. :/

wtf izzy O_O

Very much squarey.

In fact, this is so squared, I'm gonna have to square my comment. ²

Do twelve squares

make another crappy "Cheaper by the Dozen" movie?

Do six Squares

make a Cube?
Nice review Chris

Well duh

You featured it.

so did I



knew one day this was going to be featured.


When I first created my NUMA account, it somehow generated two accounts. I was hoping you could delete this one [] and remove the space after my name on my actual profile. Thanks.

BTW, who ever won that bonus prize on the week of reviews?

Actually, it

took Izzy's demo to figure it out.
But that doesn't sound as cool as the previous comment.

Nice puzzle

Took me quite a while to figure it out.

Yeah, also my most recent map [].


Hey paws

There has been some serious mass sniping and possibly multi-accounting going on that I believe may be linked to the following users:

pompoko []
pakwan []
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neatomic []

Evidentiary Support: [] [] []

I appologize if it is not my place to get involved, but I thought I'd at least bring it to your attention. If you have time, please consider looking into it


I'd like to review this map []:

Thrust into the vortex, our hero precipitously finds himself in earth-shattering dilemma. Each ring of the monolithic spiral progressively increases in difficulty and length, the margin for error decreasing exponentially. Ascending each one will require an absolute absence of frivolity; finding the correct air currents is no laughing matter.

Go for an all gold, it'll be fun.

Link fail

Octopus Used! []
Sorry for spamming, but it looks like this has already suffered spam heavily.
hypothetically how would I have done? url=]Octopus Used!






custom title: WONDER TWIN ZAN

I won. :O

Didnt really expect that haha. Ill think about my title the next few days and let you know. Also, will it just appear next to my name on my profile?


on a ZTHING map. Feel free to ignore me. :)
Then, I thought about that lollipop commercial with the owl who asks, "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop?" So how many squares does it take to make a dinosaur? The answer definitely is, "The world may never know?" Now my thoughts are, "I think I misquoted the owl..." Oh, and I just remembered why I came here. When will the winner of the feature week be decided?

Hey Southpaw

as admin, can you enable ratings on this map [] for me?


If this doesn't win round 2, bitches will get slapped.
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Nice puzzle you've got going on here.
Demo Data

23 squares to make it a block of cheddar cheese